Success In Bloom

Everything's In Bloom (Part 2)

When we talk about everything being in bloom, the focus is on the beautiful presence that often captures our senses with delight. Rarely do we think of what it took to create the bloom when we are admiring it or what will follow as a part of the life cycle. We also rarely stop to think of the conditions that made the bloom possible. If you think about it, businesses, business activities, business events and business people are like blooms. 

  • Environment – One environment does not fit all. Environment is more than the climate. The environment must include a need for the product or service, timing, compatibility, and consumer fit. The climate has to be hospitable and able to support the business so that it will be able to bloom.
  • Planting – Establishing the business or a new business initiative is never casual. Within each environment there are conditions that will change the method of planting and expectations for growth. With a plant that will bloom, you would consider soil type, depth for planting and sunlight. In a business you will consider location as the soil type, whether a physical or virtual presence. Integration to the consumer and business community are the depth and opportunity is the sunlight.
  • Nurturing – Many volunteer plants and accidental businesses flourish by circumstance rather than design. The blooms that are the best, most prolific and create the most impact are given additional care, nurturing in terms of feeding, care, maintenance and tending. It is no different with businesses you want to grow and see bloom. It is rare that accidents enjoy the success of well-planned and developed businesses nurtured by their owners. 
  • Seeding the Future – a bloom begins the seed that starts spreads and regenerates the plant or business. While the fade of a bloom may be considered the beginning of the end, it is usually just the opposite – new and expanded beginnings. Each person we touch and see bloom, each opportunity brought to bloom and the bloom for business begin the opportunity to grow, expand and bloom again. 
The businesses, initiatives and people I have the opportunity to grow through the right environment, care in planting, tender nurturing and seeding for the future bring the greatest rewards. Even if everything is not perfect; bloom where you are planted. Your bloom is a testament to your success.


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