Communications, Content and Commerce

When I started Soltys, Inc., (formerly known as MARPAT, Inc.) as a consulting company, three words drove our business model – Communications, Content and Commerce.  Soltys, Inc.  has always been on the forefront of technology and early adopters of Internet driven initiatives, our consulting practice fully embraces leading edge solutions to help us provide the best services and deliver the drivers of our business model.

Communications – When you have a need, we know timing is important.  Whether it is to discuss a scenario, opportunity or assist in resolving a challenge, you want more than a reference desk.  You want engaged, interactive and responsive expert service.  We employ not only traditional voice and written communications but, additionally, interactive real-time internet driven options including video calls, web meetings, instant messaging, texts and more.

Content - The consulting field is littered with talking heads whose ideas vaporize faster than the billable time they generate and in many cases with little if any substance or content delivered.  We decided to be different delivering valuable content in the form of solutions, analysis and samples with heavy emphasis on customization to our customers' needs.  Not only do we draw on significant resources but also believe that given the business requirements, we can deliver the content to help our clients realize their objectives.

Commerce – We are all about business and helping you build yours.  There is not much that is more exciting than seeing a plan come to fruition, turning the cogs of the business machine and bringing a healthy return on investment.  Our expertise helps build, enhance and optimize your business.

Our blog posts will be a part of delivering the drivers of our business model with best practices we have discovered, insight, KPI’s and benchmarks, featured tools, systems and solutions. They will also deliver insight for solving many business life cycle issues.  I hope you will enjoy the posts and feel free to comment and or ask questions.