Happy May Day!

Everything's In Bloom (Part 1)

First of all, Happy May Day!  

May 1 is celebrated in many ways around the world.  It is a celebration of the end of winter, darkness, and scarcity.  It is often includes a core element such as a May Pole festooned with ribbons and flowers as a center point for celebrations.   In some countries, the May Pole is used to bring communities together in celebration and in others the planting of a May Pole in the yard of someone you care about is an invitation to a life-long dance.  It is a celebration of all that blooms.

Today we begin a new series, “Everything’s in Bloom”.  Every bloom is the result of hard work, processes and a part of a plan. All blooms also have a purpose beyond the beauty that may capture our eye.  Nothing is an accident even if it seems to appear by chance in nature.

This month will bring the opportunity to look at how business blooms.  What it takes to plan, nurture and grow.  Fighting pests and problems as well as the maintenance needed when things grow too big or begin to take over and when they do not flourish.

I love the vision of the businesses that I have the privilege to work with picking up their virtual ribbon to join the dance and celebrate all that blooms in their businesses.  I get to be the proud spectator; cheering, orchestrating the music that drives the momentum and challenging bystanders to participate.

Celebrate May Day, pick up your ribbon and join the dance.  


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