The Hunters

Lions & Lambs (Part 2)

All of us are hunters in one way or another. To eat, no matter what we seek, we must hunt or find a hunter that will take care of us. Let’s not get this confused with a term that is often tied together – “Hunter/Seeker” that is used when categorizing sales people and sometimes business leaders.

The hunters, in general, seek to feed themselves first. If the hunt and feeding also means a benefit for others – their companies for example, all is good. There are really several kinds of hunters. All are motivated first by survival instincts. How they meet the need is where the difference is in the types of hunters. Each group can smell a lead, but what they do with it may make the difference in your bottom line. Look at these types of hunters in terms of the producers in your company.

I Am Hungry Now – Therefore I Shall Hunt.

This hunter really has little motivation, although they may consider it to be conservation of effort. They are generally very happy to feed at convenience if another hunter has landed the prey and allowed sharing, and happier still if someone brings them something to eat. Since they do not plan their hunts, little is optimized and they often come back empty handed and hungry. They do, however, like to pontificate and try to encourage young hunters that theirs is the easier way. At least they have hunting skills, but do not expect them to be much of a contributor to your company. They eat your leads if motivated but otherwise may keep them for later, rather than share or give back. In most cases anything that they do not eat immediately is left to rot.

I Love the Thrill of the Hunt.

This hunter is all about the game – individually or as a part of a group. Yes, they like winning...especially if there is a prize. They are always the first to go out on a hunt and ready in every sense of the word. They are diligent about using any information gathered by scouts and seek efficiencies. They are seldom hungry, not because of their own success but because they are a part of almost every hunt. They love telling stories of their prowess and showing off their tools and knowledge. Give them a dare and you can be assured they will try. Great to have on your team but sometimes are tough to manage. They will take every lead whether or not they have the time or expertise to work it. Look for meat in their discard pile.

I Like to Hunt as a Social Sport.

These hunters are the nicest in the group and very easy to love. They want to be a part of everything but can scare off the prey with their social chatter or not see it for the distraction. They are playful but not necessarily in the game. They feast as a part of the group, no matter how or who was responsible for the kill. These individual are rarely star performers and their leadership skills are primarily in rounding up the group. The social needs often overtake everything else in importance, so leads are seldom a priority unless it gives them a social opportunity to share. Most leads are found by another hunter before they get to them.

I’m an Herbivore, My Hunt is Primarily to Graze.

Herbivores are primarily grazers and will graze through the hunt for a greener pasture. They are eating machines who will often lay bare a pasture before moving on. They eat for need, there is no game in the hunt. It is fairly mechanical and only challenged if there is nothing to graze on and then they simply move on. Many can be herded and will follow the lead of the group. This group will work through your leads but need leadership and to have a supply of leads to keep them with you.

The Hunter Leader

The Hunter Leader is a responsible hunter, knowing that for the group to survive they have to have a plan, consistency and organization. They also do not like waste. The Hunter Leader will utilize hunters from all of the groups to make sure that not only are their own survival needs met, but also those of the group. Most groups will fracture if there is more than one Hunter Leader within too small of a group. Egos are a part of the reason, but it is also hard for one group to follow multiple leaders. The Hunter Leader works well when tasked, challenged and given the opportunity to lead. They appreciate leads but are not dependent on being given leads, they are always sniffing out a new opportunity. If you want to make sure your leads are well taken care of make sure that you have Hunter Leaders taking responsibility but with the opportunity to win and have their group win.

Any organization that must drive sales or production needs hunters. Looking at hunters this way, do you have the hunters you need in your company?