Lions & Lambs

Lions & Lambs (Part 1)

This month we will be profiling business leaders and the traits that might classify them as either a Lion or a Lamb. But what are the traits and how are they ascribed?

When we think of lions, do we see the lion belting out a loud roar or the lion happy to peacefully bathe in the sun? Is it the hunter or the huntress, we visualize? Do we see the pride as a group and the roles of the individual lions within the pride? How about the caged and kept lion in our zoos and protected habitats?

The lamb does not stay a lamb very long, before it grows to be called a sheep. Yet, when we think of lambs, we often think of a gentle, placid creature with all of its baby-like cuteness. In reality, they are rambunctious and mischievous much like any other young mammal. As they grow up, we tend to think more of domesticated sheep who gently graze in shepherded flocks, the nurturing ewes with the newest lambs. Rarely do we think of the majestic rams, some with great horns that can lock in battle.

These creatures will lend a lot of imagery as the vignettes tell stories of battles for turf, hunts that take both the weak and the strong. Survival and family instincts that often drive actions and decisions will provide rationale as well as the pursuit of power. There will be greener pastures to be explored and stronger animals lured to join the pride or herd. Our stories will also tell of the battles for position and roles that shape the groups.

The business stories using these animals, their traits, habitats, needs and hierarchy, will include ideas and lessons that can be applied or leveraged to just about any business. We hope you enjoy the series.