The Chiefs

Lions & Lambs (Part 7)

Within every group, whether they are lions or lambs, and every subset including the hunters, seekers, gatherers, farmers and even the carrion hunters, there are chiefs.  This is true whether in a group or in a company.
Chiefs by title, role or heredity, as well as those who stake a claim, bully or have great imaginations of position and power, have a very narrow window of opportunity to prove themselves.   The proof that must be established is leadership.  Leadership that is worthy of followership.  A leader without followers is simply a rogue beast. 

Being a chief does not mean that someone can lead.  Conversely, there are many levels and opportunities to lead but that does not mean that a leader is necessarily a chief.  

Almost every group requires a hierarchical organization.  Each of these organizations has a pinnacle or top where the final decisions are made for the well-being of the group and the individuals in the group.  The hierarchy brings order to what would otherwise dissolve into competitive or fractured chaos in which the group would splinter and most likely lose individuals.  

By nature we seek that organizational hierarchy and find more comfort in order than we do in chaos.  The best hierarchies have a top level that is not only the recognized chief but also a leader worthy of followership.  The strength of the leader/chief will be tested frequently and challenged for role, position and the benefits it may bring.  The strongest leader/chiefs understand how to optimize talent and actively seek to empower leadership at multiple levels.  

This brings multiple benefits to the group.  It seeks and develops individual talent specialties and grooms others for future leadership roles, ultimately including the role of Leader/Chief.  Not only does this strengthen the group through the talents and skills that are recognized and developed but also provides recognition.  Recognition and empowerment are the strongest tools that the leader/chief has available to develop a strong and mission focused followership.   These tools also separate the false leaders from the true leaders.

Being a leader/chief at the pinnacle of a well-organized hierarchical organization is a position to aspire to through hard work, constant challenge and the opportunity to elevate others.  It is also critical to the longevity of the organization as it becomes a self-perpetuating organization.

Consider the roles and responsibilities in your organization or company.  Who are the chiefs and who are the leaders, what are their characteristics?  How can they be developed to lead, meet challenges and create the succession of leader/chiefs that will ensure the viability for the long term?  Almost everything we do in business initiates in our relationships and how these are developed in any group or culture. 

One of the “Patisms” that we used in a post titled Freedom, “applies.  “You can buy the title of owner, be assigned the title of boss but you must earn the title of leader. It is the leader who makes a difference.”  


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