Seeds of Greatness

Everything's In Bloom (Part 13)

A part of the lifecycle in any garden is life beyond the bloom.  Each flower has a purpose that is more than the beauty we see.  As the bloom withers, the seeds grow to start the regeneration of the garden.  The seeds, whether encased in a pod or not are the fruit that we harvest and use to start new plants, blooms and in some cases new varieties.  Going to seed is the end of a cycle and the beginning of new ones.  Our companies like the plants in the garden must seed new business and bear the fruit of revenue.

Each time we start a new person, project, campaign, location or any other initiative, we are planting the seeds of our business to grow, develop and bear fruit - resulting in new and expanded business.
Cultivating the seeds we plant requires work and can deliver great reward.  However, not all seeds will take root and many root in areas we did not plan.  Then there are some which are simply bad seeds that waste time and money.  The “Seeds of Greatness” are born in sparks of imagination, found opportunities and talent that crosses our threshold.  Recognizing the potential is the challenge and harvesting it is the reward. 

Fire, wheels, levers all changed the life of early humankind.  The printing press allowed knowledge to be replicated and spread economically and efficiently.  Electricity changed the working hours in a day as well as seeding conveniences that would become necessities in our lives.  Ease and speed of transportation expanded the boundaries of our everyday world with television bringing the world into our homes.   The Internet eclipsed the print formats for access to information, learning and communications, with wireless releasing the tethers which once bound us.

All of these were at some point a modest seed of greatness.  Some were the result of planning, study, engineering and skill, others just an accident that took root and grew.  Each developed to generate new seeds, morphing to meet needs and environment.  

The opportunity to discover, sow, and harvest seeds of greatness is abundant.  Every idea, initiative and talent has a period in which there is viability to be cultivated.  Many will never be found, others will be shelved and never be used. 

The dreamer sees opportunity in their sleep, the planner in the moment when a plan comes together, but the person who gets up and puts the ideas, plans and dreams to work finds something new every day.  They learn by trial and error, reinvesting what they have learned to expand and produce more than what they had before.  They know that their companies, like gardens, produce more when cultivated and that seeds of greatness are never found if buried in the mulch of busy work and administrivia.

This post concludes the Everything’s in Bloom series.  The June series is Best Practices.


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