If You Build It...

Best Practices (Part 10)

We all know how that quote ends...and while it might be true with baseball fields, it rarely measures up when it comes to digital business.

We were going to post our first vlog (video blog) today, but some technical issues arose, so we'll save that for next week and use screen captures instead. So, we apologize for posting this so late in the day.

You have embraced the concept of social media and you've designed and set-up your new Facebook business page (formerly known as fan pages). But, after you liked it and got your business partner, wife and teenage son to like it, you're at a loss. How do you get those first 25 likes so that you can secure your custom Facebook domain? And how do you keep building those numbers?

You "share" it. And here's how:

Underneath your large cover image, next to your Like/Liked button is a pull down menu denoted with a gear. Click that, then click share and you're on your way. But, there are several sharing options...some better than others.

If you do not have permission from a page or group owner, do not share to a page or group. This is, essentially, spamming. Much like putting up a sign in your neighbor's front yard. Not a best practice.

You have the option to share your new business page on your own Timeline. This is perfectly acceptable, but it's something you should do infrequently. Write a short note inviting your friends to check out your new page. Make sure to tell them what they can expect from your page, the type of posts and information that you'll share.

You'll see that there is an option to share your new page on a friend's timeline. Don't. Not until you've asked and received permission. Just like posting on a group's wall or another page, this can be considered spamming. Especially of this "friend" is really just an acquaintance. The sanctity of someone's digital real estate should not be breached.

The absolute best practice for sharing is the "In a private Message" feature. You choose a recipient (or several) and you can customize your message to their needs. Tell them why the page would be a benefit to them. 

We'll continue the Best Practice series with some more "like", "follower" and "connection" building tips tomorrow.


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