Loving A Plan That Comes Together

Loving & Business (Part 1)

Today is a big day at Soltys, Inc.! We opened the first room of a very unique eShoppe, opened reservations for two live virtual roundtables and announced the winners in our first online participation contest. It is a big day but we have been working toward this day for a long time.

Last May, Mallie Dein, our Director of Online Initiatives, and I outlined a plan to roll out a series of initiatives both online and offline over a year. These ranged from BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) to smaller, more mechanical items that were needed to keep the wheels on the bus and gas in the tank. Each of these required planning, taking care of dependencies and in most cases, thinking outside of any box that had limitations.

Our plan, in short was to use as many virtual and online tools as possible to bring content, value and services to our existing customer and a growth base of customers and contacts. It is a leveraging of talent, tools, content and contacts.

There is a love, pride and a certain level of anxiousness - almost like watching a child grow, seeing them learn and accomplish new things. It is enabling, empowering and brings the opportunity to embrace what is new and reach toward the future for the next challenge and all the opportunities ahead.

Sure, some things were more challenging than first anticipated. There were hiccups that required work-arounds and new opportunities that popped up requiring consideration. Each bump in the road strengthened our awareness and knowledge bringing another type of growth.

We have a lot of work ahead, lots of initiatives and refinements to roll out. Plans to execute and new plans to be made. Even as we celebrate the milestone met in our plan today, it simply revs the engines to charge ahead and experience the taste of success again. We are loving our plan as we see it come together and feeling the love come right back in the results we achieve. Best of all, it is not the end of this love story.