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Strategic Initiatives (Part 2)

Today, the sale of a major brand was announced, ending a position of limbo and rumor that had gone on for a prolonged period. This was a strategic initiative for the brand and a very positive move.

When a company decides to change its business structure by adding or deleting a business unit it is always a strategic decision made to strengthen the company. Both the seller and the buyer stand to benefit and gain in strength. The change is the center of a ripple effect that can carry positive energy throughout everyone affiliated if they are willing to carry that energy forward. Whenever you have the opportunity to create and execute a strategic initiative, whether related to a change such as the one that occurred today or any other you may pursue, several rules apply.
  • Position of Strength - A strategic initiative requires that everyone in the planning, execution and communication carry all actions and duties forward from a position of strength. It is much harder for a competitor to raise a challenge against strength.
  • Voice of Authority – You must be information central, speaking with a voice of authority inviting questions. Never let someone else communicate your message as it will no longer have the strength or intent you would give it. As you receive questions create a Q and A related to the change. 
  • Tone – The tone of all communications must have excitement, optimism and opportunity in the voice whether in print, verbal or presentation. The tone should never convey anxiety, caution or any other restraint. There are plenty of options to set parameters and to roll out future components and definitions without it being in the tone surrounding change.
  • Reach – Your messages and information regarding the change and initiatives you will drive as a result must have reach well beyond your company. Social media, web sites and RSS feeds play an important role the same as one to one communications and announcements to the consumers.
  • Play Offense – There is no better time than when you have the momentum of change to use as a strategic initiative to play offense. You have a better opportunity to get your message out, have key people listen to you and to be able to complete plays in process. Keep control of the game.
A strategic initiative is never business as usual. While some changes may seem to only create change at levels that do not directly impact you, using it as your own strategic initiative leveraging impact is where you gain the power.


Sue V said...

I agree as a Prudential Real Estate Broker/Owner this is a great time to spread the word. We are 80,000 real estate agents strong. We are now the WORLD'S second largest employee relocation services provider and third largest residential real estate franchising leader.

People say change is hard....this is not hard..This is WONDERFUL!

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