Strategic Initiatives (Part 4)

Truly great and exciting strategic initiatives require entrepreneurial spirit, drive and leadership! I think it is interesting that the term entrepreneur is often used as a synonym for owner, as it is not synonymous. Not all entrepreneurs are owners and you can own or hold something without being an entrepreneur. The difference is risk with significant initiative.

The entrepreneurial spirit is a hunter seeker, not a gatherer. It lives for the taste of the win. The spirit delights in the finesse of the hunt and capture. It is not afraid of the work that will be involved and knows that there are few perfect situations. The entrepreneur is also a strategist who will consider advantages, disadvantages, and different methodologies. They calculate collateral damage that may occur against the win. It is not win at all costs.

They are perceived as having no fear. Rather than fear they sense issues of concern and work around them, through them or with them as a part of their strategy, as they know that fear, while a driver for the timid, has no value in moving forward. Risk is always a part of the equation but is not reduced to fear which is an emotion.

The entrepreneurial drive is passionate and unrelenting. No matter the level of success there is always an appetite for more. The passion pulsates and invigorates others extending the drive, the force and employment of talent in reaching the goal. It is rare for the entrepreneur to have only one objective, pursuit or project at any given time. They are a factory unto themselves producing ideas, what ifs and opportunities. They are often held in awe, just in terms of the way they think.

Each venture has a defined return on investment (ROI). It may be financial, positional or a necessary step toward another goal. Ventures are never casual and require a certain level of excitement. The boring and mundane are never satisfying and are delegated with purpose and results to be obtained to “managers” who are indeed nurturers and gatherers. The managers are considered vitally important as the entrepreneur will never be successful on their own, they need people who can take the raw opportunities they bring to fruition, integrate them, nurture and then create internal growth.

The entrepreneur is a leader, a leader worthy of followership. They are often charismatic and considered to be a force. It is not unusual that, at least in initial, non-social meetings, they sometimes come across as unfriendly or all business with little fluff. The drive and passion usually are noticed far ahead of the deep caring that they usually have. Few are ruthless or heartless and they draw people to them for their business savvy and forward movement. No one likes to follow someone standing still.

The entrepreneur is a builder and will usually leave a legacy. They will not have been successful in every venture but they do learn from their mistakes. A part of that legacy is often the new companies and businesses started, either through them or as a result of their actions. They often help to define and grow other entrepreneurs who will spin off to their own business with what they have learned. The legacy is never simply their business but is often found in each person they have touched. Many will talk about them long after they are gone and the impact they had on their lives and business.

I love working with entrepreneurs, they are exciting and they accomplish goals. They understand risk and invested initiative. They are inspired, dream big, love deeply and are tantalized by mystery and that which is to be explored. They know that each strategic initiative is important as a step to realizing something bigger and better.


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